Does Not Compute

Does Not Compute

A weekly chat about the lives and workflows of modern web developers, hosted by Sean Washington & Friends.

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    222: Deep Sigh

    Sean and Rockwell talk about Sean's shifting role within his company, dealing with high-maintenance customers, developing Swagger Open API specifications, and an important PSA for summer.

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    221: Dragons Lingering In The Shadows

    Sean and Rockwell record their first live show on Twitch and talk about Microsoft technologies and conferences, being insanely productive with Laravel, and fighting with with Vue mixins.

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    220: Is This Good For The Company?

    Sean and Rockwell reflect on Sean's recent interviews. Then we learn how PHP and Laravel have wormed their way into DK's stack, and the reasoning behind that decision.

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    219: Just Build Things

    Sean talks more about learning Go, and what it's like building your own tools. Plus, Vue.js 3.0 beta is out, and Rockwell proselytizes Sean into a Minecraft religion.

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    218: It's Plain As Day

    Sean and Rockwell discuss video games and their soundtracks, before launching into Sean's premiere Go project - the many design decisions to be made, the libraries and tooling surrounding it, and unique language features.

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    217: The Cold Sweats

    Sean and Rockwell discuss Apple's crackdown on PWAs, pesky permissions dialogs, Zoom and other working-from-home tools, breaking an amateur radio record with Vue.js, and tales of IT woe.

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    216: Less Than One Sale Per Day

    Rockwell and Sean discuss the journey of reviving an 8-year-old iOS app, accepting user feedback without taking it to heart, more Postgres power-tools, and some California livin'.

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    215: Furniture, Living Room, Chair

    Sean and Rockwell talk about the realities of working from home, implementing recursive structures with Postgres features like Common Table Expressions and Materialized Paths, and convincing Rockwell to start playing Minecraft again.

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    214: Minimal Work for Maximum Gain

    Sean and Rockwell discuss the Pomodoro technique, (re-)writing a billing system from scratch, some more practical applications of LiveView, and using gradual technological improvements to concretely advance your business.

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    213: Upswing on the Sine Wave

    Sean and Rockwell discuss code organization for front-end applications, leveling up in SQL development, and a baby Rustacean's first impressions.

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